Caring for our Environment

Kelceys Bush Farmyard Holiday Park is located adjacent to Kelceys Bush Conservation Reverse to the west of the Park.  This Reverse is administrated by the Department of Conservation and maintained as a wilderness environment for visitors to enjoy.  To ensure this environment is not disturbed and the flora and fauna living in this environment are maintained; we, living on the fringe of this reserve are very much aware of the need to practice conservation.  We are both members of the “Friends of Kelceys Bush Inc.” a community group with a Memorandum of Understanding with DOC and Environment Canterbury.

Kelceys Bush Farmyard Holiday Park supports this group by being responsible for cleaning the toilet on a regular basis.

Kelceys Bush Farmyard Holiday Park has been operating for 18 years and during this period the local authority has moved towards Zero Waste for the district. It has been economically cost-effective to recycle paper, plastic, cans, bottles, glass and green waste.

As a member of HAPNZ we recognize the “Love NZ” campaign and endeavour to participate within the guidelines of this programme.

To ensure Kelceys Bush Farmyard Holiday Park is maintained as a quality facility for both International and Domestic Visitors the physical environment is kept neat and tidy.

Native pigeon


The targets set to maintain a high standard include the following:


-         Weekly or twice weekly lawn mowing.

All rubbish is stored in wheelie bins with any surplus being kept at the

-         transfer station behind closed gates.

-         Regular transfer of waste is maintained on a weekly basis during peak times and on demand during the year.

-         All animals are fed regularly and a high standard of animal husbandry is maintained.

-         Regular spraying and weed control is maintained.

-         Any customer complaints are dealt with immediately to ensure customer satisfaction.

-         All building are kept in very good repair both inside and outside and after 13 years in business a maintenance plan to refurbish is being developed.

-         There is a statement in each unit encouraging Customers to support our vision for a Sustainable Environment.

Both Partners have been and continue to be involved in a number of Community Groups within the District.

In 2008 an upgrade the Recycling aspect of the business was made with a new Transfer Station has been erected near the front gate of the Holiday Park to enable the staff to store the rubbish in a safe environment.  This facility also provides for effective recycling of glass, plastics, cardboard and paper.

Both partners are committed to this process.

To maintain our vision towards a Sustainable Environment we ask our customers to assist us in this programme.